The Girls’ Impressions of Peru

Before we leave Peru I wanted to find out what the girls thought of this beautiful country. Here’s what they had to say:

Hippopotamus at the zoo

Hippopotamus at the zoo

What was your first impression of Lima?

A: It’s too noisy.

H: There are lots of taxis.

What did you like doing in Lima?

A: Going to the zoo.

 H: Going to the zoo, the Choco Museo, the Play Factory, and watching TV.

Making chocolate...yum! 

Making chocolate…yum!

What didn’t you like about Lima?

A: It’s too noisy.

H: All the cars beeping their horns.

Enjoying the fire

Enjoying the fire

How did you like staying in Sillacancha?

A: I liked the fire pit, roasting marshmallows and telling ghosts stories.

H: Roasting marshmallows, the yummy breakfast (hot quinoa), the plants, and picking mint leaves.

What did you enjoy doing in the Sacred Valley?

A: Seeing all the animals at the Rescue Center.

H: Seeing baby kittens, the llamas and alpacas at the rescue center.

Llamas at the Rescue Center

Llamas at the Santuario Animal de Ccochahuasi, just outside of Cusco (Cuzco)


One of the many dogs of Peru

One of the many dogs of Peru

What are some things that are different in Peru compared to California?

A: In Peru, they speak Spanish and have llamas and alpacas. California doesn’t have Machu Picchu and the other ruins.

H: There are lots and lots of dogs in the Sacred Valley.

What are some things that were the same as California?

A:  Both places have TV.

H: The cars are the same.

What will you miss about Peru?

A: I will miss the llamas and alpacas, especially my buddies from Machu Picchu.

Amy's buddies at Machu Picchu

Amy’s buddies at Machu Picchu


H: I will miss the Play Factory.

At the Play Factory  

At the Play Factory


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