You want to do what???

Should we go on a 6 month Round the World adventure with our kids? We debated this question for 2 months before we made the go/no go decision. As you can tell from this blog, we’ve decided to take the family (minus the cats) on a world adventure!

Sorry can’t come with us :-(

Sorry boys…you can’t come with us 🙁

Why did we decide to do it? We talked about traveling more as a family when contemplating what we wanted for 2015. Then, one day, a light bulb went off in my head that now was the perfect time to travel around the world with our girls!

Our youngest, Amy, would just be going into Kindergarten, which she’s not legally required to attend. Amy had done well in preschool and her teachers thought she would be just fine if she missed Kindergarten.

Amy before our trip

Amy before our trip

Our eldest, Hannah, would be turning 8 just before the trip. I thought this was a good time to go before she gets too attached to friends. Also, Hannah had experienced a lot of anxiety in the traditional school setting. She has a very different way of thinking about the world. Hands-on learning with her family would likely be a better approach for her.

Hannah checking the quality of the water at Stevens Creek...outdoor learning!

Hannah checking the quality of the water at Stevens Creek…outdoor learning!

The timing was good for me, as I had yet to re-enter the workforce since moving to California 3 years ago. My husband was also looking to expand his perspective. What better way than a trip around the world? Financially, we had just sold our house in Canada, and what we got from it wouldn’t even make a downpayment in the Silicon Valley real estate market, but it would help cover the cost of a Round the World trip.

Sabrina drawing a family tree for the girls

Sabrina drawing a family tree for the girls

I made some enquiries with the school, doctors, and landlady. Everything seemed to be lining up, so we made the decision to travel around the world and bought our plane tickets! Although it seems like a slightly crazy thing to do, I don’t think it’s a decision we will regret.

Sabrina with tickets in hand...there’s no turning back now!

Sabrina with tickets in hand…there’s no turning back now!

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