He doesn’t seem too stressed about not seeing his family for 6 months

Planning for the things you’ll leave behind

Is planning a RTW trip really as easy as doing a bunch of research and making to-do lists? No, it’s not. The previous post dealt primarily with the actual traveling part, but what to do about the things you leave behind? You know, the house, car, pets, all your belongings, etc.

In deciding to take the trip, we had to analyze each thing, think through several scenarios, and decide if we were okay with the outcome, whichever way it went.

This means, assessing how likely it is that we would be able to rent our house out, with furniture and pets no less (our ideal scenario)! We are lucky to live in an area with a lot of renters, so we are pretty confident that we can rent the house out, but we had to think through alternatives, such as renting it without furniture and pets.

We are actually in the middle of this process right now, so check back in a few weeks to see if our ideal scenario came true.

It’s easier to rent your house if you live in an area with lots of demand

The point is that there is a whole other level of planning and work involved in dealing with the things you are leaving behind. While it can and has seemed very daunting at times, in the end, I believe it’s worth it.

So I continue to plug away, breaking things down into manageable chunks, while visualizing all the exciting adventures we are going to have on this once in a lifetime trip 🙂



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