The countdown is on! In 1 month from today we will be heading off on our 6 month Round the World Adventure! What have we done so far and what do we have left to do?

We have rented our house, furnished and with one of our cars šŸ™‚ The other car we’ll turn in before we leave as the lease expires anyway. Now we just need to find a temporary home for our 2 cats.

We’veĀ gotten our vaccinations, malaria and altitude sickness pills. We have medical/trip protection insurance through our AirTreks plane tickets. We will need to mail some of our prescription medications to ourselves on the trip since Australia will only allow us to bring in a 3 month supply of medication.

We have our passports, extra photos, International Driver’s Permit and most of our Visas.Ā We’ve booked the planes, trains (as many as we can this far in advance), and automobiles. We’ve booked our accommodations. We’ll need to book the remaining train tickets while were on the trip, and we still need to book our Kerala houseboat, though our AirBNB host in Kottayam has offered to do it.

We’ve decluttered the house and garage (a good 1 month project!), so will only have to go through what we’ve accumulated in the past 3 months (more Lego sets!).

We’ve gone through all our paper statements and converted (most of) them to eStatements. We have all the tech stuff we’re taking (batteries, charges, universal plug, etc), the luggage (waiting for one that’s on back order to arrive), some of the packing cubes and most of the clothes for the girls.

I’ve started homeschooling the girls so we won’t need to do as much on the trip. The main things left to do are to finalize the packing list, get those last haircuts, and dental/medical check-ups, turn in the car, move the rest of our personal belongings into storage, and of course, find a home for the cats (I’m only slightly freaking out that we don’t know what we’re going to do with them yet!).

It’sĀ all coming together and we can now see the departure date approaching. It’s exciting!!!!

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