Planning for a Round the World Family Adventure

It can seem very daunting to plan a 6 month, multi-country trip. Once you start to look into it, you realize that there are a lot of resources out there. For me, it was finding other blogs of families who have traveled around the world, such as Globetrotting Mama, to convince me that it is indeed possible to travel extensively with kids.

Reading travel blogs will connect with the resources that they have found helpful, such as AirTreks for booking multi-plane tickets, or The Man in Seat 61 for anything and everything related to train travel. BootsnAll Travel has a handy family trip planning guide.

Lonely Planet guidebooksThen there are the old stand-bys, such as Lonely Planet, which has helped me figure out how to get from one place to the next within a country; as well as the newer resources such as AirBNB.

Given that we are not traveling on a shoestring, I’ve found AirBNB the most useful for booking interesting and local accommodations and Expedia for those times you just need a place close to the airport due to a late arrival or early morning departure.

Other travelers have been very open about sharing their budget, their packing list, how they handled ‘education’ on the road, etc.

My secret is to break everything down into ‘to do’ lists (for those who love to check things off their lists), and to not overthink things. Yes, I can spend countless hours agonizing over which place to stay at in Rome but since I don’t have all those hours, I set my criteria and make a decision. I’m staying in Rome after all, so it’s going to be great regardless!

If you have any planning tips or would like to know more about my planning process, please feel free to leave a comment.


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