Do you want to travel around the world with your family, but can’t afford it? How would you feel if you could expose your kids to other countries without breaking the bank? ‘Hannah and Amy Go To Peru’ is the first in a series of 10 books that offer your child(ren) a chance to experience other countries for only the cost of a book. Based on our family’s Round the World trip, the ‘Hannah and Amy Go To’ series will allow your child to travel along with Hannah and Amy as they make their way through 5 continents and 10 countries.

  • Each book is filled with beautiful photos taken on our adventure so that your child(ren) will be exposed to the real people, animals and landscapes of other countries.
  • Written from the point of view of my girls, the series offers a child’s view of the world, making it more relatable to other children.
  • The series will expose your children to a world beyond their neighborhood and open their minds to the ideas of adventure, exploration, and learning about other people, places, animals and cultures, all without spending the thousands of dollars it costs to travel.
  • Warning! These books may inspire you to travel around the world with your family!

‘Hannah and Amy Go To Peru’ is available in hardcopy, eBook, and Kindle format. The first 100 books sold in each format will be offered at a 15% discount for 1 week only! $1 for every book sold will be donated to First Lady Michelle Obama’s ‘Let Girls Learn Peace Corps Fund

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If you buy all 10 books in the series today, you will get the set for the price of 9 books (or should we just say a 20% discount?), a $100 value for $90 for hard copy, $80 value for $72 for eBook and $70 value for $63 for Kindle. If you are not happy with the set, we offer a 30-day guarantee from the date of the delivery of the last book.

Get your copy now from our website by clicking here or through Amazon by clicking here.

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