September 1, 2015 – Departure Day!

It finally feels real now that we are at the airport and waiting for take-off!  Day 1 consists of a short flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles, so technically, we don’t even leave the country on the first day of our trip! I didn’t realize until after we booked the tickets that our flight to Peru was a +1 day. We board the plane from Los Angeles to Lima after midnight, putting us into Day 2 of our trip. I did enquire with Airtreks about getting a flight at a better time, but we save a lot of money by flying in the evening/early morning, so I decided to stick with it. It turns out that flying on a Tuesday night has some benefits: the airport is really quiet and it was quick and easy to check-in and go through security…no lines 😀 Tuesday evenings are definitely a good time to fly if you want to avoid the crowds!

As for baggage, the final tally was nine bags. We’re taking two rolling duffels as well as checking 3 backpacks: 1 with the books, the other 2 with scuba gear. Then Anthony and I have a carry-on backpack each, and the girls have their rolling carry-ons. So far, it’s still manageable, but ask us again a few weeks in!

As for us, we’re all present and accounted for, including the stuffed elephants and foxes! There’s no turning back now!

Happy Travels!

Nature Adventurers ready to go!  Nature Adventurers ready to go!

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