The Nature Adventurers Philosophy

At Nature Adventurers, we believe in family travel as a way to experience the world first-hand, to instill curiosity about the broader world, and to understand that people can look differently, speak differently, have different cultural and religious practices from us, yet still be our friends. We also believe that family travel is a great way to create shared experiences and lasting memories. We are not proponents of traveling on a shoestring, or luxury travel, rather aim to inspire families to get out and travel with their kids. Our current travel goal is to explore all 50 U.S. states with our girls.

Why Sabrina wants to travel with her kids:

Sabrina Hannah Amy Airport“As a child, I always had a curiosity about the wider world. My parents, through their travels, instilled the desire to travel in me, unfortunately, they were not in a financial position to travel with their kids. Traveling was a priority for me, so I made choices in my life that allowed me to travel first personally, then professionally, then as a couple with my husband, and now with my children. I want to be able to share my curiosity with my girls.”

Who We Are

Anthony works for Facebook, trying to make it easier for people around the world to communicate and share their lives (and travels) with each other.

Sabrina is a published author, blogger, former Notary Public, and former Government of Canada Senior Trade Policy Analyst.

Hannah turned 8 just before the trip and loves art, nature, bugs and especially elephants!

Amy turned 6 on the trip and keeps changing her favorite animal! It was parrots, then cheetahs.

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